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User Sense

Tester Quality Control

We invest heaviliy in the quality of our tester database. 

Verification of identity and address

We take these measures to prevent fake accounts. 

  • We ask testers to verify their address 
  • We ask testers to link their bank account for payouts
  • We verify through social security numbers (only in NL)

Technical check and qualification test

To make sure all sessions run smoothly. 

  • Testers are required to do a technical check before the study
  • Qualification tests make sure that unmoderated tests run smoothly
  • User Sense provides support in case of any issues

Tester screening via phone

To make sure we select the right testers for your study.

  • Personal contact with the tester to verify responses
  • To answer any questions testers might have
  • To gain deeper insights into the tester profile

Detailed tester instructions and support

To smoothen the recruitment process and to avoid technical issues. 

  • Detailed tester instructions and instruction videos
  • Separate instruction files for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Localized support available to avoid confusion

Quality checks when filling out screener

To select the right type of testers and avoid potential misuse. 

  • Questions designed to prevent false positives and negatives
  • Time to completion of the form is tracked to avoid rushed answers
  • Check with previous screeners to identify inconsistent responses

Maximum of two tests per quarter

To prevent testers from turning into UX Designers. 

  • Automatically tracked via our platform
  • Prevents bias and improves tester feedback
  • Only applies to User Sense testers

Banlist with unsuitable testers 

In the unlikely event of a negative experience. 

  • Based upon tester ratings and feedback from customers
  • To further reduce the amount of no-shows
  • To ensure you get high-quality feedback during a session

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