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User Sense

Sign up as user tester and help to improve digital products

Have you ever been frustrated when using a website or app? Help to improve digital products by giving feedback on designs, websites and apps. 

  • Take part in user tests and interviews from home or on-site
  • We pay fair incentives starting from €15 to €100
  • Over 50 000 testers have signed up with us over the past two years
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You have full flexibility

No strings attached. You decide when and how many tests you do.

Get paid into your bank account

We pay fair incentives between €15,- en €75 straight into your bank account. 

Secured environment and data storage

Your data is encrypted, stored in Europe and will not be shared with third parties. 

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Take part in tests remotely or visit a UX Lab

Almost 90% of all our studies are conducted remotely. However, we also have tests available that are done within a UX Lab. You have full flexibility to decide for which studies you sign up. 

No strings attached, you decide when you participate

You have full control over the amount of tests you sign up for. You are not required to do a minimum amount of tests each month. 

Your feedback makes a big difference on digital products

We work with a wide range of companies varying from start-ups to big corporates who are all equally interested in your opinion. 

1 - Create an account in less than 1 minute

Sign up as a user tester and create an account with us in less than one minute. Maintain full control over your data. You can delete your account at any time if you change your mind. 

2 - Leave your details and do a qualification test

You decide what details your want to share with us. By sharing your details, we can reach out to you for studies that you qualify for. Do a qualification test to make sure everything works. 

3 - Take part in user tests or interviews

We keep you informed of new studies via e-mail and WhatsApp. You can sign up for studies and we let you know within a few business days whether you can participate. 

A good working mobile phone, tablet or desktop

When taking part in our studies, you will be asked to use your own device. Therefore, it is required to have at least one working mobile phone, tablet or desktop. 

A webcam or selfie camera

When taking part in interviews or user tests, a video connection will be established. This means it is required to have a (built-in) webcam or selfie camera in addition to a working microphone so that we can hear your feedback.

A stable and fast internet connection

To ensure that interviews and user tests run smoothly, it is required to have a good and stable internet connection. This means that both your download speed as well as your upload speed need to be fast. 

Incentives for filling out questionnaires

Incentives for filling out questionnaires vary from €5- to €50. This is dependent on the length of the questionnaire. 

Incentives for sessions without interviewer

We pay a fixed fee of €15 for sessions without interviewer. These sessions last for approximately 20 minutes and are conducted without an interviewer, which means you can do these in your own time.

Incentives for sessions with interviewer

Incentives for sessions with interviewer vary from €22,50 to €100. This is dependent on the length of the session. These sessions last for a minmum of 30 minutes. 

Create an account with us

Create an account with User Sense is less than one minute. 

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Took part in an interesting test

"I took part in an interesting test. The support team by User Sense was great. They replied very quickly to my questions and were pleasant to deal with. Payment processed quickly."

It was a smooth experience

"Got one test to do with User Sense and it was a smooth experience. From seeking help to get set up to getting paid directly to my bank account, the process was smooth. Would definitely recommend the platform. Thanks!"

I had a super cool experience as a tester

"I had a super cool experience as a tester. You really help to make websites more user-friendly.  Also super good follow-up from User Sense and I had a great welcome at the company where I had to take the test. They really put you at ease. Highly recommended!"

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Frequently asked questions

Below you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed below? Then have a look at our Help Centre

No. Under no circumstances will your data be resold to third parties. Your data will remain within our platform. In addition to this, you can delete your account at any time. 

Absolutely not. We can be very clear about this: as a tester at User Sense, you do not have to pay any registration fee and we will never ask you to invest money in our platform. 

As a tester, you can only earn money by taking part in user tests or interviews. We pay a minimum of 15 euro per session.  

Curious about how other testers experience User Sense? Then read our reviews.

The minimum incentive is 15 euro per session of 20 minutes. 

The number of tests you can make depends on the number of projects we receive and depends on the profile the client is looking for. Please keep in mind that testing websites and apps is not a substitute for a part-time or full-time job, but rather a side hustle that allows you to earn extra money from time to time. 


We are required by law to report all tester payments to the Dutch tax authorities, which means that residents of the Netherlands are required to fill out their social security number unless they are a freelancer. 

We do not report tester payments to other tax authorities in Europe. 

No, this is not possible. Due to tax regulations our platform is only open testers who are residing in Europe. 

You get paid within two business days after completing a session. All payments are made via bank transfer, which means you have to provide your IBAN to us. 

No, you can sign up as a tester without any strings attached. You decide for what projects you want to sign up and when you want to take part. There is no minimum amount of sessions you have to do each month. 

Yes, we welcome all types of testers. These include freelancers and businesses. Freelancers and businesses can upload their registration and VAT number for administrative purposes.