Desktop, mobile and tablet

We don't need to tell you that more than half of the search traffic originates from mobile devices and they play an important role in making purchase decisions. That is exactly why you want to be sure you the the user experience is as good on mobile devices as it it on desktop.  

That is why we facilitate mobile usability testing. When creating your usability test on our platform, you can decide which devices you want to work with. Desktop, mobile and tablet - we got you covered!

  Available on Windows   Available on MacOS
  Available on Android   Available on IOS


Prototypes, websites and apps

Regardless of the design phase youa re in, we are ready to help. Our applications are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and IOS - but also works wit a broad range of prototyping tools. 

Is your product still in the prototyping phase? We work with these prototyping tools: 

Taken, vragen en ratings toevoegen

Recruiting respondents and taking care of the incentives can be a time-consuming task. If you choose to work with our testers, we will take care of this for you. 

You can filter through our database by using socio- and demographic criteria. For example:

  • Gender

  • Yearly income 

  • Country

  • Level of Education

  • Experience with IT

Prefer to work with your own testers? Not a bother. In that case, you can use our platform to invite your own testters. More information about the different options can be found here.

Inviting testers

Recruiting testers for usability testing can be a time-consuming task. There is a lot of time involved in recruiting the right testers, scheduling usability tests and taking care of the incentive.  

When ordering usability testes you can choose from the following three options:

  1. We arrange everything for you. The recruitment, payment, support and planning of the tests.
  2. We arrange almost everything for you. You supply testers yourself, but we take care of the payment, support and planning for you.
  3. Do it yourself. We facilitate tester support, but you arrange the recruitment, payment and planning yourself.

More information about the different options can be found on this page.


Manage your customers in an agency account

Do you want to test the usability of webists, apps or prototypes for your own customers? Then it is best to create an agency account with us.

The perks of an agency account are:

  • You can add multiple clients within the agency account
  • Purchase usability tests at a reduced rate (subject to conditions)
  • Using the testers of User Sense
  • Build your own pool of testers

Interested in creating an agency account? Please contact us so that we can discuss the details with you.

It's time to change the game

Usability testing is here to stay, maar de tijd dat je een usability lab moet afhuren en eindeloos bezig bent werven van testers is voorbij.