Want to conduct UX Research? Join the Agency Network.

From day one, we have been working closely with online marketing and creative agencies across Europe. Using our platformtester database and the support of UX Research Team, we help agencies to conduct qualitative UX research. From definining research questions to writing research reports: we can help. 

By conducting qualitative UX research, you gain more insight into why users perform certain behaviors. The ideal breeding ground for successful redesign and CRO projects. 

  • Your own agency account with an unlimited number of users
  • Whitelabel report in the agency's house style
  • Free test session for interested clients

Free test session for interested clients

Are you trying to convince a client of the value of usability research? Then a free test session can be very useful. When you join the Agency Network as an agency you can request free user tests. 

In a short user test of about 5 to 10 minutes we ask one tester to perform a number of tasks. Most likely, clients are convinced of the value of usability research once they have seen the first test. 

Request free user test

UX Research Partner

Choosing the right research methodology is not always as obviou as it seems. The right type of method depends on the where the product is in the product life cycle and the type of question you want to have answered.

Since we conduct usability research on a daily basis, we can advise you and your clients in choosing the right approach. 

By joining the User Sense Agency Network we can advise you and your clients in choosing the right method.  The advantage of joining the User Sense Agency Network? 

You guessed it: you add a free-of-charge UX Research component to your agency's services!

White Label UX Research Report

Experience has shown that after delivering a research report in the User Sense house style, many agencies still often copied and pasted the results into their own template. Not just inefficient, but also annoying task. 

To combat this, we have made it possible to request white label UX Research Reports. In practice, this means that our UX researchers create the report in the agency's template, so that it can be sent over to the client right away. 

Download our UX Research Report

Conducting user tests? Get feedback from us.

Are you an agency looking to conduct qualitative UX research yourself? If so, creating the test script can be a challenging task. You want to give clear tatsks, without steering too much. To make sure you get the most out of your user tests, you can request feedback on any of your tests scripts. Free of charge! 

Agency Account with unlimited users

Working on a research project with several colleagues? Give access to everyone in the organization so that they can watch the sessions, the highlight video and read through the research report. 

Similar to platforms like Google Ads, it is possible to create an agency account with User Sense. By doing so, you can manage mulitple clients from just one account. Of course, clients can login using their own customer account. 

User your own tester database

Do you already have your own tester database or do you sometimes want to conduct research with testers you recruit yourself?

Then it is possible to invite them via the platform. These testers can only be used for your own research projects. This means that they cannot be used by other agencies or clients. 

Together is better

Join the User Sense Agency Network to start conducting UX Research on a regular basis.