Look beyond Google Analytics and Hotjar

Hotjar and Google Analytics are great tools to observe what activities users perform on you website or app. In order to gain deeper insights into their motivations, however, usability testing is required. See how real users experience your website, app or prototype and improve the UX to obtain better results. 

Together with more than 2000 Dutch testers in our database, we help you to enhance the usability of your website, app or prototype. 

  • See how users experience your website, app or prototype from their own homes
  • Identify obstacles users encounter
  • Optimize the User Experience and improve online results

Advantages of a better user experience

Optimize your website or app based on the usability results.

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Increase in sales and new customers

A better customer experience can increase sales by up to 225%. *

Higher productivity

Testing at an early stage results in lower development costs.

Save on customer support

A good customer experience means less work for customer service.

Even more satisfied customers

A better customer experience ensures more satisfied customers.


Remote usability testing

How does it work

Assemble the usability test yourself

Have specific parts of your website, app or prototype tested by real users.

Choose from your own or our testers

Recruit respondents based on different characteristics through our pool or add your own testers.

Discover new growth opportunities

Use the usability test results to create a better user experience and drive more sales.

2 - Work with our testers or recruit your own

Recruiting respondents and taking care of the incentives can be a time-consuming task. If you choose to work with our testers, we will take care of this for you. 

You can filter through our database by using socio- and demographic criteria. For example:

  • Gender

  • Yearly income 

  • Country

  • Level of Education

  • Experience with IT

Prefer to work with your own testers? Not a bother. In that case, you can use our platform to invite your own testters. More information about the different options can be found here.

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